Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Needed: a "rolling reassessment" to bring 'em home


So Hank, it's time to shift "Left" a bit.

Redeploy, bring 'em home.

It's time for a major, major strategic reappraisal.

As the "fog of war" swirls around the long term impact of the oily invasion of the Gulf Coast, a reduction of the American military presence in Afghanistan is essential for this nation's security.

We must cease living in a fantasy land. Those who seek to fly too high will have their waxen feathers melted by the sun.

Yes, but how to do this -- without plunging the region into chaos, without creating new sanctuaries for terrorists?

For that we need a "rolling reassessment."

That will not be easy.

But ways must be found to reduce the American military "footprint" in Afghanistan, support local and regional accommodations among competing warlords, even to support competing factions from a distance. The Taliban could win complete control, but there may be other outcomes.

Above all to focus American goals on the demolition of Al-Qaeda base areas.

Mr. President, you are not so good at waging focus on the vital ones.....

The Gulf oil spill has the potential of doing as much long term damage to te economy of parts of this country as Al-Qaeda. That is only one challenge facing the US.

You have no choice but to win this new "Battle of New Orleans" -- and many others.

Learn from the Soviet experience in Afghanistan....Bring 'em home.


Back to Basics: with the U.S. bogged down in Iraq, Afghanistan, and an oil slickened Gulf, it important to remember the thousands of young soldiers and their mothers whose lives are caught up in the tribal flames of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Over extension can be the Achilles heel of great nations.

Obama must exercise leadership to protect many more from a lifetime of pain.

Now it is time to win this new "Battle of New Orleans."

Scarlett Tide